Would you know what to do in an emergency situation?

Let me set the scene...
                                ...You are the first person to get to a person who is clearly in distress, they look a very grey colour, they are sweating, feeling anxious, grasping their chest, struggling for breath and in a lot of pain.
Well, after all they are having a heart attack!
Aside from the obvious and call 999 what would you do?
You may try to keep them calm, you may try talking to them and reassuring them you have called for help and its on its way.

We always teach people on our first aid courses how to deal with these situations and many more. Its difficult teaching for every scenario but we believe giving you the right tools to make the right decision is of paramount importance.

Does First Aid training work? Well, we'd like to think so and having recently had a student attend a heart attack patient the proof is in the pudding. Only 3 days after learning CPR with us his skills were called upon and by all accounts he did admirably well, not only reaching for the first aid kit, he also reached for the AED (defibrillator) and along with a colleague (also trained by us) attended the gentleman and as per there training delivered CPR and utilised there AED to deliver one shock prior to the paramedics turning up and taking over.

This is not the only skill we teach, You would also learn how to deal with a bleeding casualty, a choking casualty, one that has sustained a burn along with many more scenario's depending on the course and level you choose.

So, I ask you a question...
Would you be able to administer CPR?
Would you know the correct procedures?
Would you know how to manage that situation correctly?

If not, maybe its time you got trained, and if you think that'll never happen at my works, just remember approximately 70% of accidents happen at home.
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