Our New Training Room is Now Open!

We have at last moved into our new training room!

Whilst the office remains at its current location we will, on September 1st be moving our office as well so that we have all of our operations under one roof.

The training room is spacious with suitable seating and tables that any candidate can participate in comfort and the distractions of poor seating are not present. The room is of a size that any candidate can stretch without the disruption of others whilst taking part in the session.

Refreshements are on hand, chilled spring water, tea and coffee are available throughout ensuring that the most discerning tea drinker maintains thier hydration levels.

Any presentation is displayed on a Samsung 55inch LED display which is crisp and clear in any condition. Not only that we have the latest technology powering the display so visiting trainers can easily and flawlessly connect in.

We also have a small display of some of the First Aid product that we sell, as our stock room is also on premise we have the ability to discuss and demonstrate the First Aid equipment that we have available.

As we always provide a light lunch (whole day courses only) we are able to keep our candidates together, thus, improving the group dynamics which we believe promotes not only a better experience but also enhances the overall learing potential of candidates.

Waste no time, Come! A training course awaits you. Contact us now to discuss your training needs or call us on 01462 892 021