Killed by a Scratch

What value do you put on First Aid?.

Often we here of minor injuries going uprecorded in accident books, we even see accident book entries completed with a degree of contempt but, when you hear of a perfectly well person dying from what was initially a light graze we must reconsider the importance we place on first aid.  Now, we are not saying that treating this cut would have saved a life however, when we read the story and look at the known facts it appears that if this wound was cleaned and dressed, a plaster would probably have done the job, the events that followed and lead to the terrible outcome look as though they may have been avoided.

Our condolonces and thoughts go out to the family of the deceased at this time but lets all, for the sake that we try to prevent this from happening again, consider the importance that we place an ALL injuries.

Do you know what the signs and symptoms of (Blood Poisoning) Sepsis are?  If you don't want to book a course with us to learn First Aid then here is some reading for you
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