Volvo fined after ‘life changing injuries’ suffered in crush incident

Vehicle Repairer fined after ‘life changing injuries’ suffered in crush incident

Volvo Group UK Limited has been fined after an employee was crushed by a truck, leading to life changing injury.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told on 7 June 2016 an employee of Volvo Group UK Limited was testing the brakes of a low-loader truck unit and trailer at the Cardonald depot, in Glasgow. He had raised the trailer off the ground using a pit jack. He did not apply the truck handbrake or use any wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle rolling. Whilst adjusting the brakes at the first axle, the truck unit rolled forward causing the jack to slip off the axle of the trailer, roll towards him and strike him on the body. He was crushed against a set of steps in the pit, fracturing his spine.

The HSE investigation found that Volvo Group UK Limited had failed to provide a sufficient number of wheel chocks for use by its employees and failed to provide information, instruction, supervision and training of its employees in their use. Volvo Group also failed to provide a suitable induction of the employee in safe working practices, it was found.

Volvo Group UK Limited, of Wedgnock Lane, Warwick pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2 and Section 33(1)(a) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and was fined £13,333.33.

Paul MacArthur of Safety and Health said “Those in control of work have a responsibility to produce safe methods and systems of work and, to provide the necessary information, instruction and training to their workers.

“If suitable safe systems of work had been in place prior to this incident, the life changing injuries sustained by the employee would likely have been prevented.”