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5 Important fire safety tips for every business

Fire safety is essential for any commercial building’s risk management plan. Everyone must know what to do in a fire to stay safe and minimise property damage. In every commercial workspace, fire safety awareness training is important to make sure that everyone is educated on what to do and where to go.

Here are five important fire safety tips for every business:

Ensure your fire alarm system is operational

A working fire alarm system is essential to alerting occupants of the building of a fire. The system should be tested regularly, and any necessary repairs or upgrades should be completed immediately. Tenants of the building must be aware of the alarm system and their responsibility to report any malfunctions or need for repair immediately.

Have an emergency evacuation plan

Every commercial building should have an emergency evacuation plan that outlines what occupants need to do in the event of a fire including; where exits are located, how to evacuate safely and where to meet outside the building. Fire drills can also help ensure that everyone is familiar with these procedures and what to do in an emergency.

Install fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are crucial for suppressing small fires before they become larger. They should be placed at strategic locations around the premises, and staff must be trained to use them in an emergency. Fire extinguishers must undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure that they are compliant and will remain functional when needed.

Keep escape routes clear

All escape routes from a building should remain clear at all times so that occupants can leave quickly, if necessary, during a fire emergency. This includes removing any objects from hallways or stairwells that could block the path or become an obstruction once smoke accumulates during a fire.

Regularly check wiring and electrical equipment

Faulty wiring and electrical equipment can cause fires due to improper installation or overloading circuits; having too many appliances plugged into one outlet or extension cord at once. To prevent this from occurring, all wiring systems must be inspected regularly by qualified professionals who can identify potential risks before they become hazardous.

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