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Debunk The Fire Safety Myths Before Undergoing Fire Safety Training

Fire safety is always an important subject for local authorities, fire protection engineers, building owners, company managers, construction contractors and architects. You can easily avoid or handle fire hazards by undergoing fire safety training from a reputed institute. Someone trained in fire safety can identify types of fire hazards, recognise common ignition sources and categorise hazardous materials. There are some myths surrounding fire safety that can compromise your safety. Debunking those is a must.

The Common Myths About Fire Safety Have Been Debunked Below

All Buildings Require Sprinklers

Though sprinklers offer numerous life safety and property protection benefits, all occupied buildings don’t need to have sprinklers installed. Rules regarding sprinklers vary from one country to another. In the UK, apartments and offices might not have sprinklers even if they are as high as eight stories. There are even few acute-care hospitals in the country without sprinklers. Countries like Germany also don’t have strict rules regarding sprinklers, making the occupied buildings more prone to greater loss of lives.

People Always Panic During A Fire

Gone are the days when people used to panic in the event of a fire. Nowadays, most people undergo Fire Safety Training in Hertfordshire, which helps them capable of making rational decisions during adverse circumstances. The more they are informed about fire safety; it helps in maximising evacuation efficiency. They can design emergency procedures in such a way so that people can start moving safely. People trained in fire safety can also provide proper instruction during the early stages of an accidental fire.

Sprinklers Can Destroy Properties

If you have not yet installed sprinklers in your commercial building because you think that they can destroy properties, it’s high time you debunk the myth. A common myth surrounding sprinklers is that they deliver a large amount of water during a fire which can destroy the contents in your building. Water sprinklers are designed in such a way so that they don’t damage properties, even if you install them in art galleries, computer centers, museums, libraries, telecommunications facilities or historic buildings.

Since the common myths about fire safety have been debunked, it’s time you undergo fire safety training from a reputed institute like Safety and Health Ltd.