Emergency First Aid Courses

Every individual needs to have a fair idea of the first aid applications for emergency purposes. At Safety & Health Ltd, we offer a range of emergency first aid courses for every individual and encourage awareness of the emergencies and when to apply first aid.

Our emergency first aid at work course involves training on adult, child and infant CPR processes. Our first aid at work course is designed to meet both national and international standards. We have designed our first aid courses smartly to help individuals learn essential first aid, even without any prior medical training.

Learning emergency first aid saves lives

Upon completing the first aid courses from Safety & Health Ltd, you’ll be able to demonstrate basic skills and take critical steps towards successfully implementing life-saving first aid. What will you learn from our emergency first aid at work course?

Here’s how taking part in an emergency first aid course can be life-saving during an emergency:

  • It will give you medical knowledge of handling different cuts and bleeding wounds on an emergency basis.
  • As a rescuer, you’ll gain the confidence to provide adequate care and handle accidental cases under pressure.
  • You’ll receive practical training in administering CPR to help care for the patient before the doctors, or the ambulance arrives.
  • You’ll learn correct patient care techniques equivalent to professional knowledge.

Learn first aid from experienced experts

Without oxygen, a person can suffer permanent brain damage. This can also lead to brain death within minutes. It is not always possible for the medical service to arrive at the destination on time. That’s where your first aid course could save a life.

At Safety & Health Ltd, we focus on training people using one of our emergency first aid courses to provide them with the knowledge and confidence to assist with emergencies and care for patients until a healthcare professional arrives. With our experienced professionals on board, we offer customised emergency first aid at work courses designed to meet your workplace needs.

At Safety & Health Ltd, we offer:

  • A wide range of online and offline combined first-aid courses
  • Workspace first aid training from an experienced first aid training instructor
  • Customised training options suiting specific industry needs

To enrol in our first aid training courses, check out our website or call us for more details.

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