First aid training in Hertfordshire & beyond

Our first aid courses offer you choice whilst not compromising on quality.  Because we are approved by multiple awarding organisations we are in the unique position where we can offer you a certificate supported by the awarding body of your choice or, just as importantly, a course that is tailored to your business.  Our principal aim is to provide an excellent standard of training that would suit any awarding body. Our consistent and exceptionally high feedback suggests that we are surely the best around.

All Employers have a responsibility to carry out a needs assessment and that assessment should consider:

  • The nature of work
  • Workplace hazards and risks
  • The size of the organisation
  • The nature of the workforce
  • History of accidents and illness in the organisation
  • The needs of traveling, remote and lone workers
  • Work patterns and shifts
  • The distribution of the workforce
  • The remoteness of the site from emergency medical services
  • Employees working on shared sites
  • Annual leave and other absences of first aiders
  • First aid provision for non-employees

Try our FREE First Aid Needs Assessment tool to see what you should have in place.
We promise that we will not share your details or save the information you submit. The report is designed to help You decide if you are compliant!

Our courses offer delegates trained in First aid, a skill that is transferable into home life.  Our courses not only deliver the requirements as set by the governing or awarding bodies but also provide the learner with a real life skill that has the potential to offer a real difference.

Specialist Courses

We offer a number of specialised courses including: –

  • First Aid for Schools
  • AED (Defibrillator) & CPR
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Anaphylaxis First Aid
  • First Aid for Scout Leaders
  • First Aid for the Family
  • Professional Driver First Aid (DCPC training)

Contact us for details or to discuss your requirements. All of our courses are tailored where possible to you.

Covid Safe

All our training courses are run in a Covid secure manner.  We have put in place the following measures to ensure your safety when attending training with us;

  • Disposable gloves and hand sanitiser are readily available
  • Disposable face masks
  • Social distancing measures
  • No shared equipment
  • All equipment sanitised before and after use

As we are an environmentally friendly company we have a number of reusable face masks available that you may keep for continued usage.

First Aid Supplies

We offer first aid kits to BS-EN8599, starting from £19.99. We also offer any item required to restock the kit at a discounted rate to any person holding a current first aid certificate that’s been issued by us or an associate.  We have a variety of first aid kits available including eye wash kits and stations, first aid bags and pouches.

First Aid Stock Check

We understand that it is often a problem for the larger organisation to ensure First Aid Kits are up to date. Let us help! We can arrange regular audits of your First Aid Arrangements to ensure your First Aiders and the Kits you have are all in date and valid.

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