Home working

Many people are currently working from home either on an occasional or semi permanent basis.  These individuals may be either self employed or employed, but all require risk assessments covering every aspect of their work.

Safety and Health Ltd can work with these groups to identify and document risks and where necesssary find solutions, in particular in areas such as Driving for work, Child Care Providers and other small businesses.  Home working is an environment that offers many challenges, we offer a sensitive approach as we are fully aware that we are encroaching upon your employees home. To that end we offer solutions that best suit a healthy work/life balance that will benefit your employee and raise their well being and productivity.

In the current environment it is particularly essential that home workers who use DSE as a daily part of their role have a DSE assessment.  An inadequate DSE set up can have a detrimental effect on the health and well being of the user which can lead to headaches, eye strain, carpal tunnel amongst others. As poor posture is one of the main causes of musculoskeletal injuries we can help by highlighting what adjustments are needed to improve the workstation set up ensuring your home worker is safe and well.

Even minor adjustments can significantly improve a users posture such as raising or lowering the monitor so the top is at eye level, providing a foot stool or changing the depth of the chair base.

The importance of regular breaks away from DSE use is often disregarded. As many employees are no longer travelling to work, as an employer it is essential that they are reminded of the need to take regular breaks and not work excessive hours.

Lone working

Most individuals work on their own at some point as part of their time at work. When working alone you can be exposed to a greater risk than when working as part of a team.  Without the additional assistance of a colleague in difficult situations it is therefore essential that lone workers have an awareness of the safety procedures in place before commencing work.  Safety and Health can help to identify any increased risks from lone working and provide solutions to reduce the risk.

We have had great experience with both Lone and Home Working in some challenging environments and it is essential that if you are sending an employee out alone then keeping them safe is a must.  Failing to do so is in violation of the Health and Safety at Work act.

Remember, an employee who feels safe also works safe and this usually reflects in their attitude to work and their production levels.

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