Retained Services

Many companies offer a retained service' which is where you, for a fee, contract our services for 12 months. It would be remise of us not to offer this as so many accrediatations rely on being able to prove that you have auitable Health & Safety advise at hand.

If you are not in a position to directly employ us then why not consider contracting us. Our prices start at £600.00 + VAT
The benefits: -
  • Ensure your documentation is in order and upto date.
  • Provide you with any relevant changes to regulation within that period.
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Advises on training needed to keep you compliant.
  • 20% discount on all in house training

We are happy to act for you on an ad-hoq basis, the choice really is yours, however, with the exception of telephone chat's (They are always free) you may find we will be sending you an invoice for any services sought.