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Things fire marshals should know about fire safety signs

By September 1, 2022September 2nd, 2022No Comments

The role of a fire marshal requires handling many duties and responsibilities. They are expected to have in-depth knowledge of the norms related to fire safety. They are also responsible for guiding the affected people during a fire emergency.

What are fire safety signs?

When one trains as a fire marshal, basic training covers many areas. One of these is learning about fire safety signs. According to the safety orders of the UK, every commercial property should have a clear-cut fire safety sign. The role of a fire marshal is to understand these signs and act accordingly.

More about different fire safety signs

With the help of fire marshal online training, one can become a trained individual in this field. In this blog, you can find more details about the basic fire safety signs in an establishment.

Fire exit signs: The buildings constructed on a compact and complex plot should have separate provisions for fire exits. However, there’s no need for a separate fire exit plan if the building has a simple plan. There are different types of fire exit signs, which are pointed out below:

  • Signs for fire exit doors
  • Fire exit wayfinding signage
  • Signs for fire assembly points

Fire equipment signs: Typically, these are the printed instructions by the side of a fire extinguisher or other fire fighting equipment. 95% of fire accidents can be doused within two minutes if you use a suitable fire extinguisher. However, it is important that you find the equipment and know how to use it. A fire marshal can help locate and use the fire fighting equipment by understanding the printed manual.

Fire action notice: This is like a manual containing a list of the vital things to do when someone spots a fire. It will show people the things to do when they get into a fire emergency. The typical information printed on a fire action notice includes:

  • Contact details of the fire brigade
  • Details of the assembly point
  • Other additional instructions

These are the vital fire safety signs that a fire marshal should look out for. They would take the next steps upon understanding the details and instructions printed on these signs. To become a fire marshal, you should contact a trustworthy source like Safety and Health Limited. We are known for providing quality fire marshal online training. Our consultancy is fully approved and accredited. Contact us today to undergo the full training to become a trained fire marshal.