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Understanding the basics of fire safety training at work

By October 10, 2022December 13th, 2022No Comments

A fire outbreak is always a potential threat to employee safety at any workplace. The chances of workplace fires are more common in industrial and manufacturing units. However, every organisation must follow the necessary measures and guidelines to eliminate the chances of such destructive accidents.

Key aspects of fire safety training

Informing employees about potential fire hazards is important as it helps employees stay alert and organised. The four basic aspects of this training program discussed below.

Identifying fire hazards

The key element of workplace fire safety is to teach employees the correct procedure of identifying fire hazards. Fires require three major components to ignite:

  • Fuel – which is flammable
  • Heat – source of ignition
  • Oxygen – to sustain the fire

A fire outbreak can take place if all three of these components are present. If you want to prevent fire, you need to keep the fuel and source of ignition at a distance from each other and detailed knowledge on the same must be given to employees.

Immediate measures in case of a fire

Another major aspect of this training is to offer the right knowledge on what an employee should do if they are the first to identify a fire outbreak. They should be taught about the process of activating fire suppression systems and fire alarms as and when required.

Responding mindfully during the fire

It’s also important to give employees a clear idea on how to react after receiving the news of a fire outbreak. Every organisation has its own safety procedures, safety requirements, and evacuation plans. It is important to check whether the training program covers all of the points mentioned above to make your employees alert and prepared to handle such emergency situations. 

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Handling fire extinguishers

Offering complete education on fire extinguishers should also be a part of any fire safety course. If portable fire extinguishers are installed at your workplace, you will teach the employees about their operation or application. 

All  four of these elements must be included in any fire safety program for keeping your employees safe and secure. Safe and Health Ltd is a trusted name in offering industrial health and safety training programs for ensuring all of your employees can work safely. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact our experts now.