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Using Tools & Equipment? Work Safely With Manual Handling Training

Working with power tools and equipment is more challenging than you think. It is a daily routine for many workforces in Hertfordshire and throughout the UK. Though using tools and equipment looks quite easy, it is actually not so and requires a great deal of focus and attention. An easy way to enhance your safety is by undergoing manual handling training from a reputed health and safety business in Hertfordshire. They will share tips, legislation and methods you have to follow when manually handling tool and equipment. The objective is to work efficiently and safely, so you can avoid hazards. The tips will not only enhance your safety in your workplace but also offer peace of mind to your workforce.

Safety Tips You Should Follow When Working With Tools And Equipment

  • Enhance your knowledge about the common manual tools and equipment generally used in your industry, and the work methods.
  • Since using the wrong tool can enhance the risk factor, make sure you use the right tools for the job.
  • Use proper protective eyewear to protect your eyes when using certain tools and equipment.
  • Be very careful when storing or using sharp objects. Wrap them properly before you store them. Failing to store them safely can compromise your safety and others in your team.
  • Report all the accidents and injuries to authority at the site as it reduces the chance of such injuries and accidents in the future.
  • To avoid hazards at your workplace, invest in high-quality tools and equipment and ensure they are properly maintained.
  • Always stay attentive when using manual tools so that you can easily identify problems, particularly with electrical equipment. Common signs indicating that the tools need immediate attention are smoke, loose wires, sparks and faulty connections.
  • Don’t tamper with electrical equipment ever, especially those which you think will need repair.
  • Switch off the printers, computers and other electrical equipment in your office when you leave. It will reduce the chances of an accidental fire.
  • Use suitable adapters for equipment with two-pin plugs to avoid electric sparks.

Follow the tips stated above and get in touch with a reputable company offering Manual Handling Training in Hertfordshire. Safety & Health Ltd offers a range of courses that will introduce you to the basic manual handling principles through bespoke courses.