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What are the basics of emergency first aid at work?

When it comes to workplace safety, knowing the basics of emergency first aid is essential. In the United Kingdom, the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is designed to equip employees with a few important medical skills. These help them respond to medical emergencies effectively. Let’s explore the fundamentals of this course.

Overview of an emergency first aid at work course:

The EFAW course is a detailed training programme. It covers essential first-aid techniques. It’s suitable for people working in low-risk work environments, like offices or shops. The primary objective is to enable employees to provide initial care until professional medical help arrives.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation):

One crucial aspect of EFAW is learning CPR. Participants are taught how to perform chest compressions. This process helps rescue breaths on people who have stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped beating. CPR can make a significant difference in saving a life during an emergency.

Dealing with bleeding and wounds:

EFAW also covers wound care. You’ll learn to control bleeding, clean and dress wounds properly, and prevent infection. This knowledge can be vital in preventing further harm to the injured person.

Choking situations:

Knowing how to respond when someone is choking is another key component. Participants learn how to recognise choking and administer the Heimlich manoeuvre safely.

Dealing with unconsciousness:

EFAW also covers assessing and managing unconscious individuals. You’ll learn to check their airways and breathing. It also teaches to place them in the recovery position. With this, you can monitor the person’s condition until professional help arrives.

Basic first aid kit knowledge:

Understanding the contents of a basic first aid kit is crucial. The course educates participants on the essentials. This ensures they can effectively use the available resources during an emergency.

Legal requirements:

Employers are legally obligated to provide a safe working environment. EFAW training helps businesses meet this requirement. With this, the staff become well-prepared to respond to medical emergencies.

In the world of workplace safety, the emergency first aid at work course is a fundamental training program. To get proper guidance with this, you should contact a trusted source like Safety & Health Ltd. We are an experienced health and safety consultancy based in Hertfordshire. Our team specialises in teaching employees and business owners basic first aid at workplace lessons. For more information, contact us today.